Kamoli Family

My family and I were looking to buy a house for over one year. We looked and looked but nothing interested us and nothing felt like home. As months and months of house hunting we also had to come up on changing two real estate agents. I guess they weren't helping us enough and they weren't giving us enough information about how it works when you are a first time home buyer. My parents felt upset and they wanted to give up, but then everything changed when I went on the computer to search for an agent. That's how I came in contact with Jennifer Ruspini. First I thought that she was never going contact me back but i guess I thought wrong. The next day Jennifer had called my mom and she had told my mom that i had contacted her and that she was willing to help us on finding our dream home. Working with Jennifer was the best part of the process of buying a home. She was there with us every step . Jennifer is a person that she has patience, she is calm, she also has a wonderful personality.

Even though my parents misunderstood some things and got angry she still didn't give up on us. Jennifer made our dreams come true, she found us the home of our dreams. But the most wonderful part was that she kept her promise and that promise was that she was going to make us homeowners before Christmas time. When she called us in Christmas Eve that the bank had accepted our offer was the best moment of my life, we were so exited that we finally got to have our home and that we weren't going to search anymore, i forgot all about my Christmas gifts. Because her phone call was the best gift that anybody could give. Now it has been almost 2 years since we have leaved in our home and its has been great. I still keep in contact with her cause she is an amazing person and i love her very much. So if anyone want to buy a house I think that Jennifer is one of the best real estates that CT could have.

Believe me she will not let you down, she will be there next to you until the last day of the home buying process, she will be there until the day that you get the house keys and she will congratulate you and will always be on your side. So I want to thank her for all of her hard work and for the promise that she kept. Because of her now my family and I are leaving the real AMERICAN DREAM. 🙂

Mariam T.

Ms. Ruspini helped us purchase a property in North Stamford that was everything we were looking for. Coming from the West Coast, we needed someone who was going to give us attention but at the same time was knowledgeable enough to do things efficiently. Our first day here, she actually took all morning to show us a range of properties and got an idea of what we needed. On the second day, the first house she showed us was the winner! Ms. Ruspini made sure we had a chance to see more properties that day to be sure of our choice. And the choice was perfect for us: great local schools, friendly neighbors, proximity to the highway and a house that feels like us. The checklist was complete.

Now if you are relocating, you know there are always expenses. Add to that moving from one of the most affordable states to Fairfield county! We had a budget and it had to be respected. She did all her research on the house and the neighborhood and then fought to get us the house at the price we wanted. We were so pleased with her level of service and especially recommend her to anyone who is relocating and needs someone who will help you get to know the town before you move in. And her final touches once we moved in really blew us away! We found a true professional and this was the most satisfying of the three home we've bought since our marriage. Thanks!

Mike S.

The last deal I did with Jennifer went very smooth. From beginning to end, what she told me would happen, did. I would recommend her to others and look forward to future business together.